Advice from a divorcee who knows better now

It’s been 10 years since my divorce. I spent 8.5 years with him. And to be honest…I knew on some level that marrying him was the wrong choice from the beginning. But, I felt obligated because we had already moved in together, and because he wanted to get married so…

How To Keep Life Fun, For Busy People

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Sometimes I have to remind myself: Just because I’m running a business and raising two boys, doesn’t mean I don’t get to have fun.

When that “To Do” list gets long, we can forget that anything other than The List exists.

Yes, we need to get a lot done. Yes…

There are multiple phases of readiness before we’re ready for actual change, and we can’t rush them.

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Life doesn’t always feel comfortable. There are things we wish were different. Sometimes we imagine how life could be if we could make some changes, but we never seem to “get over the hump”.

Why does this happen and is it healthy?

Yes, this is totally normal, and healthy. There…

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I want to see the deep, black ocean
Far away from any continent
Its darkness
Hinting at hidden depths mostly unknown
I want to pitch and sway on the uncontrollable sea
To feel the weight of the world moving
Proving its presence
I want to float on its unmistakeable existence…

It’s an opportunity to get to know yourself.

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“Fitness” is a trigger word for a lot of people.

Hidden within its depths is a feeling of pressure. A feeling of “not good enough”. And sometimes a feeling of “I have to do this because so many people say it’s normal to be fit.”

But what if being active…

Our higher consciousness is interested in expanding

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The ego is crucial to our survival. It is the subconscious push for power and perceived safety. It keeps us competing to be stronger and better than those around us. It drives us to “get”.

Our higher consciousness is interested in expanding on what the ego provides by pushing us…

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It took me a long time to find my power.

My life had become one apology after another:
The apologies I spoke aloud
And the ones I breathed internally, quietly
I no longer even noticed them
They were a part of me

I apologized for needing things
I apologized for feeling…

It’s time

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To walk around a ghost in your own life is worse than death. To not be seen, no matter who looks upon you. To not be understood, no matter who speaks to you. …

The beauty behind our own resistance

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Our thoughts can be stronger than the force of gravity.

No matter how much will a person has, the simple phrase “I can’t” can stop them in their tracks without them even noticing it happened.

I watch people convince themselves that they can’t do something, on a weekly basis.


And I believe in you

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The solution you’re looking for can be as simple
As putting a puzzle together
You have to want to find the right pieces
You have to believe that you can in fact
Find them

You’ll have to really see
Really look at what’s in front of you
Because the pieces might be…

Melissa Raise

Owner of Raise the Bar Wellness. Wellness Coach, CPT, LMT. Single mom. Writer. Rooting for love and conscious evolution. Instagram @raisethebarwellness

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